Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I love the Black Lips right now<3! :D
And someone tell me why Pandora
is: The Bees Knees; The Cats Meow; SupaFly; >.<!!!
and many more awesome things.

But you know what. You don't have to tell me
why cause i KNOW.
My radio genome whatever is chock full of all
my favorite goodies and diddies >w<!! <3333

Shout Out to Cat Stevens? Or whatever his new name is ?
Harold and Maude wouldn't be the same without his lovely music.

Mmm I need to start saving for all of the the stupid poop i want that is all vain >.<
GAH! Curse my love of shiny things!!!!

             This months reading for all you readers : Running With Scissors :]
That book willll whoa im not even really sure what it does to you
but its worth a read definitely. I might check it out again at the local
biblioteca im board nowadays :/


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