Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This Cat gets a beatdown!!

hahaha silly feline break dancings for humans!

 Man! So today I was in R.O.P
And me and my friend Jan ( hes a guy)
had to put this mirror on a stand on wheels
and it wouldn't fit but the mirror still had wheels so we took those off the put some small brackets at the corners to keep it propped up
and both of those (there were 2) looked pretty darn swell! :D

and after everyone was done with their jobs our teacher set up this karaoke thing and since everyone took so long with their jobs before it really got going it was already 7 and we were all gonna skadoosh on home :/ LAME. But whatever I came home to a steak dinner<3 mmm mm mm . My moms gets great deals on steak at winco <3 that place is for cool cats only I mean candy by the pound ? Whoa psyches me out ese.

And my best friend is being so ridiculous it makes me just fussy >.<
I mean, ahh never mind I'm not even gonna go into that.
Im gonna try to catch a movie this 4 day weekend [ well for everyone my age Im home schooled.]
and maybe have some fun getting into shenanigans and what not :]

Pull a bryan and burn donuts and race :D

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